The sun and the moon…


The Sensual & Erotic Anaïs Nin Quotes that Blow my Mind Every Time.

Valentine’s Day 2015


The best part of my day was ordering coffee.  “Two, black.”



On Loneliness…

“Loneliness is not a lacking of something, but rather the aching fulfillment of our open, raw, caring nature.” ~ Waylon Lewis

I promise to touch you.

When the Soul is Ready…

When the Soul is Ready

Cabled Coffee Sleeve

A basic coffee sleeve that is knit flat and a great exercise for practicing some simple cables and seaming.

This is my take on Laura B’s “Nifty Coffee Sleeve.”  Her pattern was just a touch too wide for me, so I dropped off 2 stitches from the middle.

I also added on a few garter stitch rows at the beginning and end to make the seaming easier.

This pattern is available on Ravelry.
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Year End Reflections for 2014

I’ve been spending a bit of time (as we all do this time of year) reflecting on the past year.  I’ve been in silent debate about how much of it I wanted to address, really.  It’s hard to feel like much of anything epic has come out of it.  In fact, I’d likely prefer to forget about much of it and instead focus on the new year ahead… but then I saw this image on Pinterest and I thought it might inspire some unique reflection that might help me part ways more peacefully with 2014… so here goes.Year End Reflections

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My Expectations

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately on what my expectations of my future lover are.  And so I’m putting them together into a little series here to serve as a gentle reminder that I am worth so much more than I have previously allowed others to treat me.

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Ego Love vs. Soul Love