Fall Pottery 2014

New glazes this session so there was a lot of trial and error.  Overall, I am pleased.

Life and Death

Life and Death

I Want What I Want in Bed

Used/New Synthetic Dreads for Sale or Trade

The occupational hazard of wearing synthetic dreads is that I find myself enamored with various accent kits.  As I have figured out what I like in terms of comfort and length, I have some lovely used and new kits that I am offering up for sale or trade.  (Please note for trades I am really only interested in double-ended dreads no longer than 16″ in length and pencil thickness!)

Will happily combine orders and shipping.  Payment accepted via Paypal.

Please contact me with any questions!  Thanks for looking!

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This is How I (Want to) Love You

Tina Fey on a Woman’s Body Image


Quick and easy no-sew t-shirt modification

The problem with being a curvy lady is that often, really cool hip t-shirts are not available in a size that suits me.  Often, women’s t-shirts are far too fitted and then the problem with men’s shirts is that, besides the lack of boob space, they are often too big.

So I set about looking for some easy no-sew techniques to modify the Men’s shirts that I had acquired of the last few years.

Ideally, I wanted a larger scooped neckline, shorter sleeves and when necessary, a shorter length.

After surfing around on Pinterest, I came up with a few ideas that brought me to this.

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NIN – Tension 2013

Best concert I have ever seen.


108 Ways to Heal Your Chakras

Creating Intimacy Through Chakras