To taste you again…


My Expectations

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately on what my expectations of my future lover are. ¬†And so I’m putting them together into a little series here to serve as a gentle reminder that I am worth so much more than I have previously allowed others to treat me.

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Ego Love vs. Soul Love


Dating Commandment #7: Want More.

All About That Bass

“Yeah, my mama she told me don’t worry about your size
She says, “Boys like a little more booty to hold at night.”
You know I won’t be no stick figure silicone Barbie doll

So if that’s what you’re into then go ahead and move along…”

Psyche revived by Amor’s kiss.

Canova, Antonio (1757-1822) 1793. Marble Louvre, (Museum), Paris, France

Canova, Antonio (1757-1822)
1793. Marble
Louvre, (Museum), Paris, France

One of my favorite quotes.

What if I fall?  Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?

Fall Pottery 2014

New glazes this session so there was a lot of trial and error.  Overall, I am pleased.

Life and Death

Life and Death

I Want What I Want in Bed